Villa ChavaMinerva start from 1 old villa in Istana Bunga Lembang and currently have several villas in 3 different locations. 
Our initial concept are :
- Recycle (renovate old villa and then renting for family vacation)
- Full of house amenities
- Book for weekdays & save more money (reasonable price on weekend & very cheap on weekdays)

Our Recycle Villa :
1. Villa ChavaMinerva - Istana Bunga Lembang
2. Villa ChavaMinerva Bata - Ciater Highland Resort
3. Villa ChavaMinerva Kayu - Ciater Highland Resort
4. Villa ChavaMinerva Dima - Ciater Highland Resort

Our latest property is Villa ChavaMinerva Bambu in Cikole Lembang, that we start from zero. The villa concept :
- Growing mini resort, currently already built 3 unit villas and has plan to add more in future
- Utilize eco friendly material, 100% bamboo for construction
- Stilt Houses & paving block to keep the land absorption
- Rainwater harvesting system

Currently we are providing below services :
- Renting Villa. for whom need accomodation in Lembang, Ciater & Maribaya. You can find in www.agoda.com & www. traveloka.com

- Villa Management. for whom has property, we will help you to prepare the property up to ready to rent and manage the daily operation

- Bamboo Construction. We want to introduce you with our future material construction, bamboo, eco friendly, strong & high aesthetics value. You can see Villa ChavaMinerva Bambu as real sample and for other picture we will send you separately.

Contact Us:

Call Center : 0817407909, 081381424140 (Telephone & WhatsApp)
Villa ChavaMinerva Istana Bunga : 089672944152 (Telephone & WhatsApp)
Villa ChavaMinerva Bambu : 085320225273 (Telephone & WhatsApp)
Villa ChavaMinerva Bata - CHR : 087760756225 (Telephone & WhatsApp)
Villa ChavaMinerva Kayu - CHR : 087760756225 (Telephone & WhatsApp)
Villa ChavaMinerva Dima - CHR : 087760756225 (Telephone & WhatsApp)